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U.V. Finishes

U.V. (Ultra Violet Light Energy) cured coatings offer the efficiency of a coating with 100% material solids and no VOC’s, and are welcomed in all environmental applications. By using U.V. to instantly cure fillers and sealers, sanding and burnishing of these preparation layers can be accomplished more completely, helping to insure a smoother, more consolidated finish build-up. U.V. topcoats regularly demonstrate superior abrasion resistance, and water “hold out” to promote long life durability. Technology has advanced the liquid coating process dramatically, with U.V. techniques.

PPI takes pride in the fact that they stand out from the competition. Where most UV systems only consist of one or two stage finish processes, our standard finish uses an exclusive “CC4” High Solids Clear UV finish. CC4 delivers maximum protection for your fine hardwood panels.*

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