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Alternate Processes

Various curing technologies are possible ranging from direct heat and U.V. lamp exposure, to air curing. Some types of sealers, fillers, and primers are best heat cured, while other types of stains, inks, and topcoats can benefit from a combination of heat and U.V. light-wave exposure.

Best Combinations

PPI can combine the best features of laminating films with the best attributes of modern liquid finishes, to maximize the versatility and durability of the panels you need for your products.

These are some of the Liquid & U.V. Finishes that are available:

  • Priming & Sealing
    siding, signboard
  • Base-coating
  • Clear UV Topcoats
  • Sealers & Stains
  • Buff Stain-block priming with mildicides
  • Woodgrain prints
  • Seal & Burnish panels for further finishing at jobsite
  • Sign White
  • Exterior Prime MDO
  • Recoatable UV Topcoats
    for sign boards
  • Exterior MDO Edge Coat
  • Baltic Birch U.V. Clear Finish
  • Custom Lamination